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IMAP issues - users cannot auth

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  • IMAP issues - users cannot auth


    I have a weird issue that I cannot figure out. I run exchange 2k3 enterprise in a 2-node cluster. Last night it failed over to my 2nd node (whole other issue) and users cannot authenticate thru IMAP on this node. My first node works great but I cannot fail back till later today and need to get this fixed.

    Services look good. The IMAP virtual server is running, IIS looks good. There's just not much to configure so I am stumped.

    The only thing I've found is event (below) in the app log which I haven't found much on. Also, if I look at the current sessions under my Default IMAP4 virtual server - the all say "logging on." Any help is greatly appreciated-

    EVentID 1029 Source IMAP4SVC

    Accept clients on the IMAP4 external interface failed in function HrOpaqueEnqueue with error 0x8020010b. Database identifier is 40ded79c-5c6b-41b4-b739-e664abaa17b0.

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    Re: IMAP issues - users cannot auth

    This is resolved with the help of MS support. I was unable to test IMAP connectivity successfully. My test was:

    telnet localhost 143
    A login testacct testacctpwd

    I would get an error that the service was not running and it clearly was. The fix was to create a new IMAP4 Virtual server and reboot the server. To create a new one We had to edit the default IMAP4 Virtual server ports. I changed them to 144 and 999 (from 143 and 993). This allowed us to create a new one using the same Exchange cluster virtual IP. add.

    MS said they have only seen this a few times.