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Exchange 2003 Logs

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  • Exchange 2003 Logs


    I recently discovered that we have logs for one of our storage groups going to the data folder instead to the log folder on a different drive.

    I have not done this in so long I don't remember if I need to dismount the mail store or not since I'm only change the log location. Can anyone refresh my memory? Do I just dismount? Do I need to restart my whole exchange server? Thanks!

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Logs

    If I remember correctly, ESM will dismount and remount the stores automatically when you change the log file location. You shouldn't need to do anything manually or reboot the server. Any email clients connected to stores in that storage group will lose their connections during the move of the log files. Outlook MAPI clients will reconnect automatically but POP, IMAP, OWA clients will probably need to close and reopen.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 Logs

      Like Joe says, use ESM and it does it all for you. Wait until out of hours (of course making sure the backups aren't running too!).

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