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    I am sure this will have been covered, although not sure what to search for and therefore needed to post.


    User is worried that their mail is being looked at.
    The reason for this is after a conflict with a member of management, the mail is availible in Outlook immediately after opening it. The user states it used to display "folder last syncronized at....." and then the mail was dropped in to the "inbox".

    I know the "domain admin" group has full access. (my understanding was that all admins are denied access after the exchange installation has completed)
    I have been asked to investigate. We do not run auditing and ESM states the users mailbox was last accessed by the system.

    So, i guess the questions i have are:

    1) What factors would result in mail being "availible" instantly in Outlook compared to waiting for syncronisation with the Exchange server (which is on-site)?

    2) Is there any reason why the domain admin group would have been allowed full access on install?

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: e-mail strategy

    Your right regarding Deny access as default. If the Domain admins group is appearing there as Full control then somebody may have added it and have it inherit down. It will be worth removing the permission.

    You can then maybe audit Object access and AD objects in case somebody adds it in again. The other way is for administrators to be given their own username, so you can tell what administrators have been up to.

    With regards to synchronisation, that would be a local PC issue and wouldn't be caused by an administrator. Generally, administrators after adding themselves the relevant permissions would use OWA to connect or add the mailbox to their on Outlook.

    Check the cache settings for the Outlook account by viewing the account properties. This can be done via the Mail icon in Control Panel. If the sync option is turned off Outlook would instantly access.


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      Re: e-mail strategy

      That has answered my question - thanks!