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Restoring a 2000 SBS

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  • Restoring a 2000 SBS

    I have been trying to restore an old 2000 Small Business Server from a backup tape and ran into major problems. I closely followed the steps outlined here:

    and I'm at the point of cataloging the old backups. I cannot find a backup tape with the system state. I am fairly new to the company and the older admin must not have been backing it up . After running the catalog, I go through the folder structure and the MDBDATA folder is empty. Am I missing something, or it there no way for me to recover these emails?

    EDIT- I found this article, but I do not have all of the required log files. I do have a lot (50+) of log files about 5MB in size, but they are not E0000001.log to E00.log as required.

    I can provide more details if needed.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Restoring a 2000 SBS

    Am I screwed? Anyone?



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      Re: Restoring a 2000 SBS

      if you don't have the required logs files to roll forword then select the option for "this is the last backup set".