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Exchange 2003, POP3 and SSL

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  • Exchange 2003, POP3 and SSL

    I need some help with Exchange 2003 and a POP3 virtual server that has SSL enabled. This will be on an internal network so a self signed certificate will be used for now.

    Starting with Exchange 2003 SP2 I've enabled POP3 and installed the self signed (pfx) certificate. Cert was created with OpenSSL on a Windows Vista 64-bit host.

    Then in Exchange "Default POP3 Virtual Server" properties, General, Advanced I cleared out the entry for port 110. Under Access, Authentication I unchecked "Basic" and checked "Requires SSL/TLS encryption". After importing my *.pfx certificate I clicked "communication" and checked "Require secure channel" and checked "Require 128-bit encryption". Under Calendaring I've tried "Use SSL connection" both checked or unchecked.

    At this point I can start/stop POP3 in ESM with no issues. But after the Exchange server is rebooted, SERVICES.MSC shows "Microsoft Exchange POP3" service is started but ESM shows "Default POP3 Virtual Server" stopped.

    If I try to start POP3 in ESM, POP3 fails and this error appears in
    event viewer: "An error occurred while starting the Microsoft Exchange
    POP3 Service: server instance number 1 failed to start with error

    I did Google searches and 0x800cc801 suggest Virtual Server corruption. So I tried setting "Default POP3 Virtual Server" back to its defaults and created myself a brand new POP3 virtual server with the same settings. I get the same results except the event viewer error references the new VS number of 2.

    Is there anything obvious that I'm missing or some wisdom anyone
    can share for getting POP3 and SSL enabled?

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    Re: Exchange 2003, POP3 and SSL

    Just out of curiosity, why are you using POP3 on an internal network and why the need for SSL on this internal network?
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      Re: Exchange 2003, POP3 and SSL

      Not sure if it is relevant but have you installed the certificate into the local computer trusted root certificates store? If the cert is home grown then it isn't trusted by default.

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