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Outlook error

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  • Outlook error

    One of my employees tried to set up her outlook but did it incorrectly. She put in that she would connect to a exchange server but she needed to have it use POP3 sice she is off site. I looked for the OST file to be able to try to set it up correctly the only file there is the XML file. So I uninstalled the office suite thinking that this would take all of the files. The problem is Outlook tries to connect and can't so I cant change the email account in tools. Is there away to break it so I can change or remove that bad account?

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    Re: Outlook error

    If you use the Mail applet in Control Panel you will be able to get to the account config eventually.
    You realise that POP3 will remove the content from the mailbox?

    The preferred remote access solution for Exchange 2003 and higher is RPC over HTTPS. POP3 should only be used if there is really no other choice.

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      Re: Outlook error

      Thanks simon. I was just looking over the article about Rpc over HTTPS. I will try to do this next week. will it down my server will changing over.