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How other offices email hostedon ExchServ2003 in main office

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  • How other offices email hostedon ExchServ2003 in main office

    We are are a company with a main office and 20 branch offices throught Europe who are in different domains and some office don't have Servers. We have an Exchange 5.5 Server and will be migrating to a more powerful Exchange 2003 Server for our mailboxes.
    At the moment all the office email is hosted by an ISP on a common domain. If i host the email for this domain on our new Exchange 2003 Server how are the other offices to connect to get their email from this Exchange Server if they are in different offices with different domain names in outlook. I know with OWA they can connect but how do they download email via Outlook? Do i have to create an OU for each office for them to connect ? Must i use POP3 accounts for them in Outlook ? Please help

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    There are plently of ways to acheive this.

    a) Create POP3 mailboxes for each remote user.
    b) Establish VPN connections from each remote office so clients can use RPC connections.
    c) OWA like you say.
    d) Create IMAP mailboxes.
    e) Create contacts for other external address' and forward mail on.

    All depends on your preference and your network inf.

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      Thank you Topper another question please...

      Thank you for your input. Will i have to install a front-end Exchange Server for this configuration as well as a hardware firewall? With POP3 mailboxes in Outlook will the POP3 setting be the IP Adress of the EXCHANGE 2003 Public Ip or Exchange computer name? Will the SMTP setting be different for each local office will it be the adress of their local ISP in each country? This .com domain on Exchange will be hosting up to 200 mailboxes will there not be alot of traffic when they are connecting to our Exchange 2003 in the main office to send and receive email? Do i have to add these remote users in AD? On each and every remote office pc will they have to connect via vpn connection to our exchange server adress first, then open outlook to download email?We in the MAIN office have a slow 128 kbps ADSL line will it slow down branch offices connection must we upgrade the line? Our main Office and the branch office send huge amounts of attachments is this solution worthwhile and the best solution for us than our current email being hosted by a centralized ISP? What Spam Software do you recommend for this setup? What RAID with large Hard Drives would you recommend on this DC, Exchange Server if we are to host all other branch offices? Your recommendation will be appreciated as it is a large solution that i have not done before. Thanks


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        Wow, do you ever take a breather ?

        Yes it is best to install Front End exchange and you should already have a firewall if connecting to the internet.

        External IP for connecting to POP3 mailboxes.

        SMTP can be eitehr yours or your ISP make no difference, but to save bandwidth go with individual ISP's.

        There will be lots of traffic which ever way you do it.

        128KB will not support 200 users whichever way you look at it, even OWA will run very very slowly, if at all.

        Yes each mailbox needs a primary AD account.

        Client VPN is not necessary but it adds encryption, you can do from each client or setup a site to site VPN.

        Anti SPAM software is personal preference, you can use a hoste service like messagelabs, or use software like e-trust SCM.

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          Topper:Site to siteVPN

          Hi Topper

          Sorry to bother you again, but alot of the sites don't have a Server so how can i make a site to site VPN?
          What kind of ADSL will support this setup for 200 users?
          With this setup will performance still be the same that we having with an ISP hosting our email or is the investment worthwhile for the Exchange 2003 Server hosted email?


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            Site to Site VPN can be handled by managed firewalls, all the main players can handle Site to Site VPN.

            The ADSL connection will be an issue, in the UK we can only get 256K upload, although SDSL is available in most major cities. The upload speed will be just as important as download.

            It all depends on how many mails, what type of mails, attachments and the like.

            I would have said a min of 2MB SDSL, but it also depends on how many you would expect to see connected at once !.

            The performance will not even compare with that of your ISP, all ISP's have major connections, especially if you are with Energis\BT\Pipex Tier 1 providors who connect directly to the backbone.

            The only benefit you will get hosting locally is managment.

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              So why do this setup?

              After telling me about the disadvantages of an ISP hosting our email why don't you recommend an Exchange Server hosting all email if we still going to have problems with bandwidth|? Could you tell me another way to cater for the remote branches as well as main office email system?


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                I havn't told you the disadvantages, I told you the advantages.

                I can't reccommend either as I'm not the one who's going to be looking after the solution, it also depends on available budget, availability SLA's, performance SLA's, manageabilty requirements, and more factors.

                You'll have to use the info I've given along with common whitepapers and other sources and align them with your project requirements to make your decision.

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