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Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

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  • Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

    Dear all, hope someone might be able to help...

    We have 1 Exchange 2003 server in a domain environment, no ISA or frontend/backend exchange server configuration.

    I'm currently having issues creating Public Folders either in ESM or OWA. In ESM, rebuilding the Recipient Server Updates seemed to get rid of any issues surrounding replication, however when I try and create a new Public Folder in OWA, I get an http 403 Access Forbidden error message.

    The only advise thus far is to reinstall Exchange again over the top.

    I really don't want to goto this extreme.

    Any form of help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

    The first thing I have to say is that if that is the type of response from a third line support company then it is time for a new support company. That is a "can't be bothered" type of response.

    As a rule, I only create public folders through Outlook, never through ESM or OWA. Outlook gives me the control over the type of public folder I want and makes setting the permissions much easier.

    You shouldn't need to force RUS to run to get data to replicate, although in a single server environment there is nothing to replicate to. The public folder should be created and that is it.

    Something isn't working correctly on the server. I would start by running the Best Practises tool on the server and see whether that flags anything of interest and fix it.
    Confirm if public folders create correctly in Outlook as well.

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      Re: Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error


      Appreciate the reply. Unfortunately our third line support provider is responsible for managing our network management system so unfortunately we're kind of tied. I agree with you that they shouldn't take that approach however... Anyway that aside

      Personally I don't like creating Public Folders in ESM as (correct me if I'm wrong) but you can't choose what type of folder it is... I never seemed to be able to create PF's from Outlook, but that might be down to my currently logged on user. Might need to tweak some perms to allow non-dom admins this right.

      The only thing I've changed, following guides from Petri's main site, is the new VDir for oma / activesync devices. Came across the same old problem as others. Created a new VDir with no SSL etc.

      Also configured RPC over HTTPS as well. Used the mini-program to configure some rules that someone kindly posted

      I presume other people have done both of these without interferring with normal Exchange operations...

      I was reading some other user's problems with OMA giving event ID 1503 on the server, and an equally nasty IE error. I seem to have adopted this issue too which is making me think IIS is completely shafted, but the vast majority of OWA functionality works so noone's really noticed.

      I saw he was advise to roll-back his changes and reinstall IIS VDirs. I was looking over the MS KB article for this, seeing whether this was 'dooable'. I'd like to think the VDirs would recreate themselves but I'm loathed to break it more in an attempt to fix it.

      Sorry about the long post, but I wanted to get people up to speed on where I am, and how its currently configured.

      Btw, Activesync and RPC over https seem to be working fine, I just appeared to break OMA and Creating new Public Folders.

      I'll have a look at this best practice tool, but if anyone thinks about anything in the meanwhile I'd apreciate it.




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        Re: Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

        what is the sub code to the 403 error?


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          Re: Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

          Turning off friendly messages it now says

          HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

          I did a quick google and came up with but don't know if its relevant. Oddly I seem to be able to create Public Folders using the dumb-down non IE interface



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            Re: Create new Public Folder in OWA gives http 403 error

            I gave create rights to our SA user on the Public Folder tree to enable creation in Outlook for the time being. Normal users do not have this right ordinarily.

            That allowed us to create in Outlook, but seemed to correct the problem in OWA too.

            Thanks for everyone's advice however