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legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

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  • legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

    I'm not sure if this is actually an AD issue or belongs in the Exchange 2003 forum, so I'm making a guess.

    Anyway, we have a problem with a user who originally had a typo in his original AD account, it wasn't until almost a year later that we were notified that the name given to us was incorrect. We changed all the AD information and exchange information to the correct spelling of the employee's name.

    Since then we have an in house developed CRM solution that records emails between employees and clients (I'm not a dev by any stretch so I'm not the one to ask on how this all works). We noticed that the emails being retained for this employee were not actually being retained. We finally found that the CRM when looking at the LDAP information for whatever reason looks at the legacyExchangeDN value.

    I attempted to change the legacyExchangeDN value to reflect the correct spelling in ADSIEDIT, when doing that it breaks the user's email completely.

    I've reverted the change I made so the user still has email.

    So outside of creating a new account entirely, is there any way to correct the legacyExchangeDN information and not break the user's email in the process?

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    Re: legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

    If I'm not mistaken, you can create a custom email address for the recipient, populate it with the LegacyExchangeDN and it will fix the problem.


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      Re: legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

      Thanks for your response joe. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by custom address, I still have to specify address type and the X400 address already exists.

      I should make note that when I say that it breaks his email, I mean all emails to that address, internal and external return an Undeliverable response stating that the user does not exist.

      So it almost seems that I break some sort of association with the mailbox when I correct the legacyExchangeDN value.

      EVERYTHING else I can find in ADUC for that user has been changed to the corrected spelling.


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        Re: legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

        Have a look here:


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          Re: legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

          Joe, you are my hero.
          Worked perfectly.

          I'm just curious for future potential name changes, say if someone gets married etc... What do you feel the best course of action would be to not have this problem? Or is this in fact the only fix outside of creating a new account?


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            Re: legacyExchangeDN problem on Exchange 2003

            I'm not exactly sure. We rename users all the time and have never had this problem. The only time we ever encountered it was when we exported the contents of our user mailboxes for importing into a different Exchange organization. They had to create custom addresses based on the LegacyExchangeDN from our users so that users could reply to old emails.