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Tracking the quota warning message?

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  • Tracking the quota warning message?

    I'm running an Exchange 2003 server and everything is perfectly fine with it. I have several stores configured with mailbox size limitations set per company department needs and it has worked out pretty well so far.

    Up until today, I never had an issue with anyone in the company getting close to the mailbox size limit and then receiving the warning message. I've seen it happen about 6-8 times in the 8 months we've been on Exchange. Today, it happened again except by the time I was notified, the user had already reached the maximum limit and could no longer send or receive. They were a little upset and claimed they never received the warning message.

    Personally, I don't believe it, but I was not the one tha handled this issue (remote site) and now their mailbox has been cleaned out along with any warning message there may have been in there.

    My question is whether there is somewhere I can check to see that this warning message was sent and received? Am I going to be forced to sift through logs or thousands of messages in message tracking? I've never had to look for any kind of system message receipts, so I don't really know where to look.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Tracking the quota warning message?

    Assuming the message that's sent is an email and can be tracked with the message tracking tool, wouldn't you just have to narrow your search to today, since they received the warning today? Do they really get thousands of emails a day? If you have a general time frame that the issue occurred, you could also narrow the search to that time frame.