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outlook 2007 and exchange 2003

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  • outlook 2007 and exchange 2003

    I ask it in here because i want to make sure that i also don't have a configuration problem.

    rpccfg /hd shows what it supposed to show like the manual in petri's website.

    when i use from the client computer and login i get the blank page (after i get the credential) which i assume it works (according to microsoft manuals as well)

    when i try to configure outlook 2007 to use the rpc to http server at first i get asked for credential and then it says like something with outlook is in offline mode and unable to connect.

    is it my exchange server configuration problem or an outlook 2007 problem? is there a way to fix it?

    i have not tried outlook 2003 as i dont have it, how can i assure it's the problem?


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    Re: outlook 2007 and exchange 2003

    finally i found the problem!
    it is indeed an outlook 2007 problem.
    after running outlook with rpcdiag i could see it only tries to connect via TCP/IP and not via RPC over HTTP (Outlook Anywhere in Outlook 2007) so i had to force it to use RPC over HTTP with making a new registery key.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\O utlook\RPC

    I had to make a new RPC key in that folder and then add:
    DisableRpcTcpFallback as a DWORD and modify it as "1"
    DefConnectOpts as a DWORD and modify it as "0"

    So all works now

    I must say, it took me almost a day to find that sulution in google, everybody only suggested and DefConnectOpts and not the DisableRpcTcpFallBack.


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      Re: outlook 2007 and exchange 2003

      Thanks for posting back Infin1ty.

      One question, is Outlook set for "on fast networks connect using http first, then connect using TCP" (same for slow as well) ?

      Please read this before you post:

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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        Re: outlook 2007 and exchange 2003

        Yes, i have both of them marked but as far as i remember it didn't help.
        Outlook still didn't use the RPC to HTTP Proxy (Outlook Anywhere Feature in 2007), i figured it out using outlook.exe /rpcdiag so later i searched for a way to force it to use RPC to HTTP only!

        I've installed outlook 2003 on my small netbook and it seems to work without any problems and does not require any other configuration (regedit, etc..) just configuring the RPC to HTTP Proxy as normal.
        i guess it's an outlook 2007 small problem.

        right now i try to find out why my outlook hangs out/crash when i try to run it with cache mode enabled.

        too bad i don't have vmware on that server, that will make things simple to test.