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Best Approach to moving single EX/AD Server to Separate Servers

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  • Best Approach to moving single EX/AD Server to Separate Servers

    Hi All,

    I have a single server running my Active Directory Domain and Exchange Server. The system was really never meant to be a production server, but some how ended up that way. The system is running ok, however I am getting nervous about hardware failures now. I'd like to migrate the Active Directory and Exchange to separate servers, but minimize downtime (and risk of problems). Could anyone point me to a resource or make a suggestion on how I could accomplish this?


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    Re: Best Approach to moving single EX/AD Server to Separate Servers

    I would install another domain controller in the domain/forest and let it replicate for a day or so (make it a GC and install DNS). Once this is running ok install a new Exchange server and move all the mailboxes over. Let this sit for a few days until all users have logged on and working ok. Then uninstall Exchange from the DC. I would then move all (some) FSMO roles over to the new DC, make sure Exchange is looking at the new server as primary DNS and leave it like that. This way you have some redundancy with AD (2 servers with the new one taking the major load) and a fresh Exchange server.

    A couple of links:
    Uninstall First Exchange Server
    DC Installation

    EDIT: The only downtime you would have here is the mailbox moves which you can either do overnight or over a few days.
    Make sure you patch both boxes completely though and check you have sufficient licensing.
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      Re: Best Approach to moving single EX/AD Server to Separate Servers

      Hey buddy,

      You need to do this... i assume u r on w2k3 AD. Create an Additional Domain Controller with Active Directory intergrated DNS. Let the replication happen. Make it a GC because by default only first DC is GC not all.
      Now what you have is fault tolerant AD.

      As far as exchange is concerned. It's not always recommend to put Exchange on AD. But let say you have installed another exchange server in Existing org then you will have two exchange server in first administrative group.

      How to remove the first Exchange Server 2003 computer from the administrative group (preferred)

      For First DC
      Demote it do a dcpromo on it

      But whatever you first take a good system state backup and exchange database backup

      Best of luck
      Thanks & Regards

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