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  • Online Certificate Authority

    I'm trying to create an SSL so i would use for OWA and later to configure Outlook with RPC to HTTP Proxy but i'm having a problem.

    I went with this article
    on the 14th index it says "On the Choose a Certification Authority page, in the Certification Authorities box, verify that your online CA is selected, and then click Next. "
    The problem is that i don't have my online domain over there, i only got the local domain which is "server.infinite", ofcourse if i choose it then it works only locally, i can connect using SSL only from the server but not from outside.
    How can i change it so it would actually look to my domain and not trying to search local/intranet?

    I hope i explained well.


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    Re: Online Certificate Authority

    At point 9 in the article it tells you to set the name to be the external FQDN of the OWA server. Have you performed this step and read the accompanying notes?
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      Re: Online Certificate Authority

      Yes, i did it.
      I followed exactly what is written in the article.

      It's just won't show the external domain, it will stay static and only show the internal domain, i tried to find a way and played with it alot and searched for some manuals and still, i don't understand why it still shows the internal domain.