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    I have a strange problem which is proving difficult to which I can't find a resolution:

    We are running an Exchange 2003 SP2 cluster (2 nodes) on Windows 2003 SP2.

    Last December a disk failed on one of the Exchange servers, although the hot spare did not take over automatically we did get it to rebuild by removing the failed disk. When the server restarted we could not get cluster services to start and also had a problem with IIS. It transpired that both were down to two corrupt disks which were resolved by following WWW instructions to replace the corrupt files (from and microsoft).

    All seemed to be OK, we could fail over the MSDTC and Cluster group without any problem but did not try the Exchange group (which contains all the Exchange resources) until last Monday.

    When I tried to fail over the Exchange group it showed Online Pending for some time then failed back to the original node.

    The System even log shows errors 1069 (Cluster resource 'Exchange System Attendant' in Resource Group 'Exchange' failed.) and 7034 (MS Exchange System Attendant Service terminated unexpectedly)

    The Application log shows errors warnings and information: 9022 (Microsoft Exchange System Attendant encountered an error while processing the security data for Exchange server 'EXCHANGE'. ) 9021 (Microsoft Exchange System Attendant has generated new security keys for Exchange server 'EXCHANGE'. Any passwords required by this server must be re-entered using the Exchange System Management snapin.)
    9009 (Microsoft Exchange System Attendant is stopping 'ABV_DG.DLL'. ). 9149 (Microsoft Exchange System Attendant failed to start Exchange server 'EXCHANGE'. Error code '0x8009000f'.) 1011 (Exchange System Attendant: The RPC call to the service to bring the resource online failed. ) 1003 (Exchange System Attendant: Failed to bring the resource online.). 1012 (Exchange Information Store Instance (EXCHANGE): The RPC call to the service to take the resource offline failed. ) 9015 ( Microsoft Exchange System Attendant is being stopped for Exchange server 'EXCHANGE'). and 9150 (Microsoft Exchange System Attendant failed to stop Exchange server 'EXCHANGE'. Error code '0xc1034a70'. ).

    All Exchange services are set to start as LocalSystem and Cluster Service as a Domain Administrator. Since Monday I have re-entered the password for this account (but I don't think this is the problem as the other cluster resources fail over OK.

    I have searched the WWW but can't find any suggestions to resolve this.

    Has anyone got any suggestions?

    Many thanks