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Exchange 2003 sp1 on Windows 2003 sp1 virtual memory issue

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  • Exchange 2003 sp1 on Windows 2003 sp1 virtual memory issue

    I've got exchange 2003 sp1 with windows 2003 sp1, 2gb of physical ram, with the /3b and the /userva=3030 switches in the boot.ini, and there are no errors in the event log, however i have gottan a system low on virtual memory message and when looking at the task manager the PF usage is always right at the top like 5.5gb. I noticed when logged in via RDC that the OWA was giving a 500.13 error, and when i would logoff the exchange server from RDC OWA started working again (this actually only happened one time, but thats 1 times too many). Should I worry about this or is it because those switches from my understanding let exchange utilize a huge chunk of memory, thus giving me problems if im logging into the server and doing anything on it? any body have a similar issue?

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    I suggest reading the following articles, they sum up most of the rellevant info:

    How to optimize memory usage in Exchange Server 2003:

    Exchange 2000 requires /3GB switch with more than 1 gigabyte of physical RAM:

    Using the /Userva switch on Windows Server 2003-based computers that are running Exchange Server:

    The "HeapDecommitFreeBlockThreshold" registry key:

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    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      It was the HeapDecommitFreeBlockThreshold registry key, although I had changed that before I must have screwed up somehow. The PF usage seems much more normal now.. around 800mb-1gb instead of 5+gb.. I will continue to monitor it..

      However, Microsoft reccomends settings SystemPages to 0xFFFFFFFF if using /3gb, but i can't seem to successfully do that.. it changes the minute i click ok... so I'm leaving it at 0... think I should worry?

      anyways, just that the pf usage looks normal now i feel a lot better..

      thanks again as always