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POPCON Exchange 2003

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  • POPCON Exchange 2003

    We got Exchange 2003 hosting 3 domains, with 3 recipient policy, we are using popcon to download emails from different accounts and forward it to exchange mailbox, any email which is delivered to exchange is loosing its from and to details , and when the mail is delivered in exchange it shows as plain text and loose its mime settings.
    i have test different pop software as well such as pop grabber same results, i belive its the exchange i am banging my head on the wall at this stage as i have double and tripple checked SMTP settings etc
    the log of popcon says the following :
    - Mail 2 found on server
    - reading message
    - mail transfer to exchange x.x.x.x triggered
    - mail without specified sender
    - replaced sender with [email protected]

    all spam and antivirus has be turned off just to ensure simple test no joy, i am only testing one domain at the moment, any help would be appreciate it as i have spend almost more then a week on this at this stage !

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    Re: POPCON Exchange 2003

    2 Things,

    Have you check within exchage mail flow?
    have you tried ExBpa on exchange



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      Re: POPCON Exchange 2003

      To test properly you need to uninstall the AV/AS not just disable it as it still has hooks into the system when disabled.

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