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Give the rights to send mail in exchange 2k3

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  • Give the rights to send mail in exchange 2k3

    Hello Friends.

    Happy new year to all of my friends.

    I am facing a issue in my exchange server. We are using exchange server 2k3 running on windows standard 2k3.

    We have 2 users, like user1 and user2.
    Now i want to give the rights user2 to send the mail through the user1.
    I give send and recieve right to user2.
    When i try to send the mail through user1, i receive the fail delivery. After 4-5 hours or restart the Exchange information store service, user2 can send mail.

    My question is can any way to solve this problem quickly. Beacuse i can't restart the exchange information store service and can't wait for the 4-5 hours.

    Thanks @!

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    Re: Give the rights to send mail in exchange 2k3

    Short answer.
    No, not with an impact on the server.

    Exchange caches permissions. That cache is only flushed every couple of hours unless you restart the store. If you attempt to do something and do not have permissions, then the permission is cached. Even if you change it then the old permission continues.

    While it is possible to reduce the cache time, it will have an impact on the performance of the server. I have seen people reduce the cache time and find that their server and the domain controller brought to a halt.

    The simple way round this problem is to presume that you do not have the permissions and check permissions before doing anything. If you change the permission before trying to use it then the updated permission is cached.

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      Re: Give the rights to send mail in exchange 2k3

      Hi Simon

      Thanks for this information.

      Thanks @!