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exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 migration

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  • exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 migration

    I have to move my current domain to that of a new one. We are having issues so I've decided to migrate to a new 2003 domain instead of renaming my old one. I'm having a heck of a time. I've established a trust relationship non-transitive between the two domain 2003 servers. I can't get the two exchange servers to talk. There MUST, MUST be some way for me to be able to move the mail to a new server in a new domain????

    I can migrate the accounts even though it won't migrate the sids but I can move the accounts I can't get exchange to talk. PLEASE, PLEASE there must be a way to accomplish. WE can't go to 2007 because my company can not afford the hardware. I've even install server 2008 and migrate if it will allow me to move exchange 2003 - 2003.

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    Re: exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 migration

    Not got a backup you could restore the mailboxes from?
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      Re: exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 migration

      You cannot move Exchange data between domains. Exchange 2003 doesn't support that.
      You only have one choice - that is to exmerge the data out to PST files, move the PST files to the new server and then import them again.

      If you have a large number of users (500 or more) then you could look at Quest's tools, but they are expensive. If you cannot afford the hardware for Exchange 2007 then there is no way you will be able to afford Quest's tools.

      Windows 2008 is useless to you - you cannot install Exchange 2003 on to it.

      A backup/restore isn't really an option either, because for the databases to mount the new server needs to be identical to the old server.

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        Re: exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 migration

        You could find out why your SIDs aren't going over (the info with ADMT helps with this) and then look at cross forest mailbox moves?

        Maybe you could start here
        plus google "cross forest mailbox moves"?

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