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Exchange 2003 Meeting request issue

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  • Exchange 2003 Meeting request issue


    I am having an odd problem with meeting requests. The problem is when I am sending out a meeting request to just this one user, the users gets it and the whole Ditribution Group for that office and if I do the same thing to someone else in the firm, no one has that issue only this one user. That's what I tried so far:
    - I looked at the AD for this one User and there are no forwarder or similar setup.
    - On the users Outlook there are no rules or forwarders setup as well.
    - In AD I removed Exchange Attributes on that User Account and reconnected the Users Mailbox to the User Account.
    - I also queried AD for any relations between the User Account and it's email address and the Distribution Group, there isn't any except the User is member of that Distribution Group.

    Does someone has any ideas what to try next

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Meeting request issue

    Maybe tell us what version/edition/SP of Exchange and Outlook?
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      Re: Exchange 2003 Meeting request issue


      it's Windows Server 2003 Std with Exchange 2003 latest hotfixes and Service Packs, Outlook is 2003 and the Workstation OS is XP with SP3....

      I already solved the problem...the user added a Distribution Group to the Delegates in Outlook..after I removed it worked just the way is suppose to

      thanks anyway...