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  • Owa 2003


    I have an Exchange server 2003/SP2 setup with backend frontend topology.
    Backend server is clustered (acive-passive) and frontend server is network
    load balanced (MS NLB).

    Users could open wav files from Outlook without any problem, but while opening wav files through OWA it prompts them to save it. Once they save it they are good to go. I am looking at a possibility were users could simply click the attachment and it open automatically, like a word or excel document. Is it
    possible and if so, how?


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    Re: Owa 2003

    I have a frontend / backend setup minus the Cluster and NLB components. When I click the link to the attachment it opens it in my default media player (WMP).

    What happens if they right-click it and choose open? What browser?

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      Re: Owa 2003

      If I remember rightly that when this problem occured to me, the culprit was the anti-virus. It became easier to instruct the user to save the file to their local HDD and then to run it from there.

      I know, not a fix but a workaround.
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