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EDB's to PST's

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  • EDB's to PST's

    Hi All, and Merry Christmas and a Safe and Joyful New Year.

    The Exchange server on the site has been a bit strange of late, and finally crashed Early Christmas Day. I just found out about it now.

    I tried a parallel install and could not get the drive up at all.
    Then did a new install on a new HDD and can now (After checkdisk etc) access the original HDD.
    Tried booting from original HDD and was told by the operating system to start up in AD recovery mode.

    I would feel better doing a fresh install of Server and Exchange but dread recovering the EDB's.
    Is there a program that will export EDB's to PST's then its a simple matter of using ExMerge to put them back to the correct user.

    Tom Cross
    Sydney Australia

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    Re: EDB's to PST's

    If you can't mount the database then exmerge cannot work.
    The only application that I am aware of that will extract from the raw database files is On Track PowerControls. It isn't cheap.

    Was this machine also the only domain controller? If not then do a DR install of Exchange on a server with the same name as the original.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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