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Query on mailbox permissions

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  • Query on mailbox permissions

    Hi, I have two mail boxes, UserA and UserB. I want to give permissions to UserB on UserA mailbox, so that, UserB can send mails by keeping UserA in From address.

    I tried all the ways, but the received mail from UserB is showing the from address as "UserB on behalf of UserA". I don't want this..I want it to be visible as "UserA" only though it is sent from UserB mailbox.

    Is there any way to do this?


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    Re: Query on mailbox permissions

    Which mail server? Sure, Exchange, but which one?

    Which mail client?
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      Re: Query on mailbox permissions

      You need to grant two sets of permissions.

      Full Mailbox Access allows the user to open the mailbox.
      Send As permission allows the user to send as the other user.

      If you are seeing "on behalf of" then you have set the wrong permission. You have set Send ON Behalf Of permission, which is different.
      Remove that permission.

      The Send As permission is on the Security tab of the user Properties. If you cannot see the Security tab then close the properties then in ADUC choose View, Advanced Features. Then open the properties of the account again.

      The permission change will not be effective immediately, because Exchange caches permissions. It could take two hours before you see the change take effect, unless you restart the Exchange services.

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