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reject mail if user in Active Directory

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  • reject mail if user in Active Directory

    Hi All,

    does any one know how to have exchange 2000 reject mail if the user is not in active directory. Getting a lot of mail from dictionary spammers with any name attached to my domain.

    Thanks in advance


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    Not quite sure what actual problems you are having.

    Email not addressed to someone will not get sent to them!! any email without a valid recipient (i.e. a user in AD) get's thrown to the postmaster. If you want to stop this then just don't setup a postmaster address, unless you are using a POP3 connector and throwing all mail into one inbox, in which case; you could put an anti-spam\virus filter in place, like messagelabs or CA secure content manager.

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      users not in AD

      Thanks topper,

      I was getting a bunch of spam directed at users which didn't have an AD account. Didn't realize I had set up the admin account as postmaster and thus mails were getting sent my way. I removed the postmaster account from admin properties so that should do it.

      Like your quote.



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        You should still have a postmaster account setup though so people can e-mail your company with issues they may have with your e-mail server or users.
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