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Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

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  • Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

    We currently have a Windows 2003 domain running Exchange 2003 sp2 on a Win2k3 Standard R2 server. (fully patched) A couple of people in the company are considering getting blackberry's and would like to get their emails on their phones. We currently do not host our email (will be eventually) so for the 1 person who has a blackberry, I've setup a 2nd user in AD and have emails auto fwd to an outside email acct to the blackberry. Being that this is not best practice, I would like to know the following once we move mail in house

    1. Would we need to purchase blackberry server software in order for users to be able to sync email from their exch mailbox to their blackberry device or can this be done w/o the BB server software? If this is the case, i understand you can get a smaller version of the BB server class software as opposed to purchasing enterprise.

    I'm trying to convince the users to go with windows mobile devices instead as the interface is more like windows and has the same look and feel as MS Outlook. Plus, there aren't any additional features needed for our exchange server or any other 3rd party software.


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    Re: Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

    Just set up a Blackberry Storm last week, and IIRC, all it needed was our OWA URL. No BB software at work anywhere.
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      Re: Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

      Yes Windows mobile devices are cake to set up and work very well with Exch2k3/2k7. I owned a Palm treo 700wx and was very pleased on how it worked with an exchange server.

      by the way - what is IIRC ?


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        Re: Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

        if you do not host your email what is exchange for?

        Anyway, I would do both! You will never (almost) convert a BB user to WM or vice versa.

        The BB server requires very little resouces, not enough to warrent it own machine (in a SOHO). However it is not supported on the exchange server itself. Instead, virtualise it.

        I just went through this last week, and highly recommend reading the instalation guide first!.

        Its NOT intuitive.

        Wired- correct me if I am wrong, but that will only get you email, not the full experience of contacts and calendars, synced OTA. (Over The Air)

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          Re: Exch2k3 - Blackberry or WM v6.x

          As far as I am concerned, if you have a Blackberry without a BES then you have a toy to show off. It is not a productivity tool as you don't get about 90% of the feature set. You need to sync via a desktop which makes it the same as my Pocket PC circa 2002.

          The OWA URL is basically screen scraping and I believe is not supported with Exchange 2003. It might work but it isn't supported.

          Get your email inside and then deploy a BES. For less than 30 users the server is free, with only CALs required - first CAL is free.

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