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Optimizing Exchange Server 2000

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  • Optimizing Exchange Server 2000

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with my Exchange Server 2000.
    Yesterday, the size of data exchange directory is about 3GB and today it's 7GB. Does exchange server 2000 create many log files like that?
    I think like that because I find some strange files at the data exchange directory (where edb file saved), such as E0001217.txt, E0001218.txt, E0001219.txt, etc. Can those strange files be removed to get more hard disk space?

    I ever heard about defragmentation in exchange server 2000. Has anyone ever done that? What is the way to do that?

    Could anyone give me some tips n trick about optimizing exchange server 2000 for saving more hard disk space?


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    The txt files you mentioned are transaction log files, and should all be around 5MB each.

    When you do a full online backup of exchange these logs are then played into the database (*.edb), which saves you lots of space.

    A defrag will just clear out whitespace from your database, but from the sounds of it you probably don't need to do that, just run a full online backup.

    If you want to optimise your exchange config|setup use the Exch BPA.

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