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OWA password change issue with multiple stores.

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  • OWA password change issue with multiple stores.

    I have Exchange 2003 enterprise edition running on a server that we're doing a hosted/managed e-mail offering to our customers with. I've got each company going into their own mail store to make management easier on my end (theoretically that is).

    Here's the issue. Using the OWA interface, the users in the first storage group can change their passwords w/o issue. Anyone in the other storage groups can't.

    I haven't found anything helpful digging around on the net. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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    Re: OWA password change issue with multiple stores.

    907271 How to use the IISADMPWD password change pages;EN-US;907271

    States that:
    Basically, when you install IIS, the IIS installation files create an IISADMPWD directory that you need to reference by having or creating a virtual directory in the default Web site in IIS Manager. These files are located in the C:\ <SystemDirectory> \system32\Inetsrv\Iisadmpwd directory

    * Do you have the observation that IISADMPWD referenced to "Default web site" alone is working?