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  • Clarification on uses of OMA


    After struggling with trying to get a WM user connected to their corporate server via exchange activesync, I am wondering if OMA is viable option to have the device synchronize mail, contact, and tasks. I have been under the impression that Exchange Activesync was the only way to accomplish this out of the box and OMA was an alternate means of access the Exchange account via the a mobile web browser. However after reading the over at the chronobis site it seems to indicate that OWA synchronization is possible out of the box:

    "My mobile device already connects to OWA to synchronize, why do I need Chronobis?

    If that's true, then you don't need Chronobis.

    Not everyone is that lucky, here is why:

    Windows Mobile devices synchronize out of the box with Exchange Servers using a tool called Outlook Mobile Access (OMA). On a default installation of Exchange Server 2003 and higher, OMA is installed along with OWA. Unfortunately, many companies choose to block the mobile features of Exchange Server, either because they don't want to or can't devote support resources or they have simply chosen another mobile device platform. "

    Does anyone know how to get a WM5/6 device to sync with OMA (with out exchange activesync)?

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    Re: Clarification on uses of OMA

    The text that you have posted is wrong.
    After looking at the source it would seem that the writer has attempted to dumb down the functionality and is treating OMA, OWA and EAS as one and the same, which they are not. That is very poor.

    You do not synchronise with OMA. Outlook Mobile Access is a plain text version of Outlook Web Access. It is not a synchronisation tool.

    Open your browser and go to http://server/oma - enter credentials and you should see your mailbox.

    If you want to sync then you can only use Exchange ActiveSync.
    Although EAS and OMA use the same backend infrastructure to get the data out of Exchange to present to the mobile device, they are different.

    Therefore if you want to sync, you will need to look at getting EAS to work.
    There are a number of common reasons for that failure - authentication mismatch, SSL certificate trust and having forms based authentication enabled.

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