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IMF Custom Weighting Only Partially Succesful

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  • IMF Custom Weighting Only Partially Succesful


    Using Exchange 2003 SP2, and IMF2.. I have a Watchguard device that filters spam for us.. Anything that it thinks might be spam, but isn't sure about, it tags the subject with **POSSIBLESPAM**.

    I've created the MSExchange.UceContentFilter.xml file, with the following information:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <CustomWeightEntries xmlns="">
    <CustomWeightEntry Type="SUBJECT" Change="MAX" Text="**POSSIBLESPAM**"/>

    In the IMF settings I have it to deliver any emails with a weight of 8 to the Junk-Email folder.But I have Gateway Blocking Configuration set to No action.

    The issue is that the emails that comes through with a subject of **POSSIBLESPAM** sometimes go into the Junk E-Mail folder, and sometimes don't. Any suggestion on where the ambiguity may lie?


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    Re: IMF Custom Weighting Only Partially Succesful

    I found this article:

    Which seems to indicate that after every update of IMF, you have to copy your xml file into a new directory created by the update process. That seems a little un-admin friendly.


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      Re: IMF Custom Weighting Only Partially Succesful

      Hey DWessel

      I did some research for you. Thx to
      You might want to go thru this

      If you enable the Custom Weight List functionality on the server that is running Exchange Server 2003 SP2, you must manually copy the Custom Weight List file MSExchange.UceContentFilter.xml to the newly created MSCFV2 folder.
      After the Intelligent Message Filter updates, you have to manually copy the following Custom Weight List file to the subfolder of the MSCFV2 folder that was created during the update: MSExchange.UceContentFilter.xml.
      The subfolder of the MSCFV2 folder contains the updated filter

      Now when you say Change="MAX" in weight list entry. It will force the message to be have an SCL rating of 9. However there will be original SCL rating give to the message by IMF. Now it can be either negative or positive lets it's -2 then New SCL rating would become = Original_SCL_Rating +- 9 (since we have force it to MAX)

      Now there is no know way that you can define that a particular msg must get a specific SCL rating. So that's where things are going haywire because it's not pushing the message's into junk folder.

      Here is the script you can use to expose final SCL value on the msgs
      Check out here

      Based on the SCL you would a generalized idea what the store junk configuration value to be so that msgs would go into junk folder.

      You can read more about CWL here

      Hope this will help you
      Thanks & Regards

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