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    I'm trying to find an application/add-on for Exchange/Outlook that will allow us to check in and out and let everyone in our company know whether a person is in, where they are, what cell phone they may have, etc.

    In the ultimate form this application would be visible and work inside of Outlook, but at the same time be accessible through Outlook Web Access or some other custom web interface.

    I've looked at several. They either tend to be stand alone apps, Outlook only plugins or a pure custom web applications that have no ties to Exchange or Outlook. I really can't see duplicating data when Exchange has all the contact information from Active Directory, etc.

    So, anyone have knowledge of an application like that?
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    Re: Check In-Out Software

    This MAY do it (don't know much about it): Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
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      Re: Check In-Out Software

      It's by no means ideal, but a possible solution (albeit clunky) would be setup a public calendar. Have your users post events to it to indicate when they are out of the office, including contact details.
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