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Exchange repeating inbound message every 5 minutes

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  • Exchange repeating inbound message every 5 minutes

    My client is running Exchange Server 2003. He received an email (with an attachment) from a business associate at 3:54 this morning. Every five minutes since then he has received another copy of the same email. Headers in Outlook show this to be a different message. But when I pull this up in Message Tracking it is the same message that has gotten in a loop and keeps delivering it to the store. The sequence is:

    SMTP: Message Submitted to Advanced Queuing
    SMTP: Started Message Submission to Advanced Queue
    SMTP: Message Sumbitted to Categorizer
    SMTP: Message Categorized and Queued for Routing
    SMTP: Message Queued for Local Delivery
    SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to [email protected]
    SMTP Store Driver: Message Delivered Locally to Store to [email protected].

    Five minutes later it repeats.

    I have read posts about using MFCMAP to clear the queues, but I have never been in there before. I looked around in the SMTP TempTables but find no sign of this message.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Re: Exchange repeating inbound message every 5 minutes

    I think you can stop the services (I think SMTP) and check the mailroot queue/pickup folder for the message and move it out then start again.

    It may be AV / AS as the cause.

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      Re: Exchange repeating inbound message every 5 minutes

      Hare Krsna,

      Do this, pull out the message header of 2, 3 emails which you are receiving every five mins and compare the messageid if it's same then it really means it's the same message coming over and over again.

      Enable NCSA logging on default virtual server
      Default SMTP VS properties, under general, enable logging, select ncsa

      it will create a ncsa logs. This will tell you if a new email is arriving or not or if it's email stuck in exchange advance queueing engine and getting submitted repeatedly.

      There is a lot we can look into this to troubleshoot it. But first you go ahead and find out that info.

      as a side note: If you are running any anti spam agents for microsoft exchange then uninstall it and reboot the server.
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        Re: Exchange repeating inbound message every 5 minutes

        We received a new message from the same sender. When the new message arrived it broke the loop and the repeating stopped.