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Limiting Exchange Mailbox Access

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  • Limiting Exchange Mailbox Access

    Is it possible to limit a users access to an exchange mailbox such that they only see the headers?


    Quarantined email is sent to a particular mailbox, call it "spam". Imagine we have a user who we want to manage this mailbox and forward any legitimate email or what might appear legitimate to the destined recipients. However, for confidentiality purposes it would be preferred if the user managing the quarantined mailbox can only see the headers (From: To: Subject and not read the email. Is this possible within Exchange?

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    Re: Limiting Exchange Mailbox Access

    In outlook u can go to tools>options>send/receive>edit> check 'include the selected account in this group'>click inbox, and choose the radio button on the right for download headers only.

    Edit, also in outlook (bottom right) there is a status bar where u can choose 'download headers'

    Would that work for you?

    Also if it's dealing with spam then the person really needs to see the entire mail because the subject might look legit but the body might be a picture message, or attached pdf spam
    Some spam e-mails don't have any subject and can even hide the from.
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      Re: Limiting Exchange Mailbox Access

      If the user managing the quarantine mailbox is not trusted or cannot be given the permissions to see the entire message, then they shouldn't be managing the quarantined mailbox. Simple as that.

      As already pointed out, the header information will only allow you to make a decision on a certain amount of email, a lot of it you need the body. That will mean legitimate email will be seen as well.

      This is why a lot of companies use self-managed quarantines rather than a centrally managed quarantine.

      Alas this is one of those questions where you are trying to find a technical solution to a procedural problem.

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