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  • Remove Exchange from Current Env

    Hi Folks
    The story goes that the company at one time was running 2 exchange servers in clustered env.
    But sometime during the years; the cluster was turned off only running email from 1 server.
    However they didnt uninstall the 2nd exchange from organization.

    Where we stand now is to moving to exchange 2007 on a new hardware. AD is 2003.

    The machine doesnt have routing groups nor severing as a bridge head. (fyi: If users were to go owa as server 2 it auto forwards the user to the owa of server 1}

    Can I just run uninstall from add/remove programs ofthe server we no longer want shown as server 2 in the ESM?

    Any gotchyas?

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Remove Exchange from Current Env

    It isn't quite clear what you currently have setup.

    "the cluster was turned off only running email from 1 server"
    Is it still turned off, as in powered off?
    a 2 node cluster only shows as 1 server in exchange as there is only 1 live node between them unless you have an active/active which isn't supported (and causes problems).

    therefore what is this second server in Exchange? Does it have any mailboxes. Is it the site folder server?

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