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Quick help needed, how to temporarily disable incoming mail

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  • Quick help needed, how to temporarily disable incoming mail

    I need to temporarily disable incoming EXTERNAL mail.

    how can I do it?

    Mentally I'm still stuck in exchange 5.5 mode where you could simply stop the Internet Mail service and meanwhile the internal mail would still work fine.

    I see a "disable outgoing mail" button in the SMTP properties, but will that stop the mail from coming in as well???

    we have our ISP doing caching up to 5 days so during live tests I really don't want to have mail coming in, at least not until we are ready for it.


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    Do you have another mail server on site? If not, you could always block incoming port 25 on your router.


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      I can't believe MS wouldn't do the same thing as they did with 5.5

      there really is no EASY way of doing this?

      yeah I could easily go to the firewall or router and do it from there, but I was hoping for a bit simpler solution, lol


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        if anybody else has any ideas I'd be very grateful if you could post them before the end of day tomorrow otherwise I really will have to do it through a firewall and that's just no fun at all, hehe


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          Run your SMTP server on a different port to 25 !

          Can't get much more simple than that !!

          * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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            different port than 25... hmm... firewall forwards the mail to ip:25 so if there isn't an SMTP server at port 25 it won't catch the mail...

            that's TOO easy, haha, thanks, I'll give that a shot tonight.