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Viewing incoming messages and unroutable email

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  • Viewing incoming messages and unroutable email

    Good Afternoon

    We have loaded Exchange 2003 on to our Windows Server 2003 test server before we go live with our upgrade.

    We have come across a few problems one of them being 'always up to date' (but thats a different problem).

    Firstly, how do you set emails that are addressed wrongly (i.e. [email protected] instead of [email protected]) to go to a specific account i.e. [email protected]?

    Secondly, is it possible to view the status of exchange. At present we watch the email server (VPOP) connect, download the emails and then disconnect. This allows us to check that the internet is still connected. One of the first ways of checking the connection.

    Thank you in advance.



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    Not too sure what you are asking in the second point.

    The first one is solved by going to First Admin Group -> Servers -> Pick your server (bridgehead) -> Protocols -> SMTP -> Right click on the virtual smtp server and go to the messages tab. In send copy of non-delivery reports put the e-mail address you want them to go to.
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      Thanks Tony, been trying to do that for about a week.

      I'll try and explain my second point again.

      At present we use a pop3 email system, we can watch the server dial up, and collect the email and then disconnect again. This shows us who's getting email and that everything is connected and working.

      Hope this helps.


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        There is no "real-time" monitor as such, you can view the Outgoing email queues under Server | Protocols | queues, but if you have it setup correctly mail should just fly through these and you'll miss it anyway.

        Best just to setup logging. Why would you want to sit and watch it ?

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          Thanks for your quick responses.

          Not sure why i sit and watch it, just to check that the system is working properly.