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email addresses not created in AD

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  • email addresses not created in AD

    Hello everyone,
    my first post.. lets start with a difficult one...

    we have got 2 domains with trusts set up. domain A and domain B.
    exchange 2003 is setup in domainB and up until a few weeks ago when an new user was created in AD the email address was setup and everything was good for both domains

    now when i setup an user in domainB the email address comes up in AD, however when i setup an User in domainA the email address does not show up in AD. when i try to send an email to that user i receive an error.

    within exchange we receive these errors:
    LDAP Operations
    LDAP Bind was unsuccessful on directory servername.domain A for distinguished name ''. Directory returned error:[0x31] Invalid Credentials

    Service Control
    Could not open LDAP session to directory 'servername.domain A' using local service credentials. Cannot access Address List configuration information. Make sure the server 'servername.domain A' is running.

    eveything else works with no issues.

    Exchange is running an a standalone server, running Server 2003.

    hope anyone can help.

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    Re: email addresses not created in AD

    Found a similar topic about these MSExchangeAL 8026 and 8260 errors here,
    You can can give it a try.


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      Re: email addresses not created in AD


      thanks for the reply..

      the issue was fixed the other day.
      the reason was that the Domain Controllers were not in the DC OU in AD. i moved the Controllers back into the OU and the problem was fixed..