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From Hosting to exchange and more

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  • From Hosting to exchange and more

    Hello People.

    I'm looking for some advice here.
    I have a client which want that I migrate 3 domains to an Exchange server of his own.

    Actually this 3 email domains are hosting outside of course and now they're want to consolidate the domains in one server, but what I really want to know if how this should be done.

    I don't know what is need it here, do we gonna need to register 3 different domain?, or the IP's from this domain will change and Will gonna lose email until the DNS get update.

    Also I would like to know of any HP server recommendation which could easily handled 400 inboxes (not concurrent), each Inbox will have a maximum of 50MB.

    I was thinking on a HP Proliant DL360 or a DL365 G5.

    Another thing would be about the partitioning, should I create 3 Information Stores, in 3 different partition and another one partition for the logs.

    Thank You Guys
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    Re: From Hosting to exchange and more

    If you want to segregate the users then you will have to use Exchange 2007. Address list segregation isn't supported on Exchange 2003 any longer unless you are using Microsoft's hosting solution and licensing.

    Furthermore you will not be able to create separate stores etc unless you use Enterprise edition, or use Exchange 2007.

    As for the domains, then you need to leave whatever is in place for now while you wait for the DNS changes to propagate. it is usually done on a Friday evening so that by Monday morning the change is completely live.

    Personally I would suggest that you bring in an experienced Exchange consultant to advise you, rather than trying to get free consultancy on a forum. There are a lot of things to consider to migrate - to give you an example I would spend at least a day on the design and planning alone even for a small job, which is consultancy worth over UKŁ1000.

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