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Exchange server 2003 moving mailbox problem

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  • Exchange server 2003 moving mailbox problem

    Hi Friends,

    I have windows 2003 server. i install exchange 2003 in another disk. Recently the os hdd is corrupted. We newly installed the os. We restore the os. but i not found "domain security policy" and "domain contoller security policy". we restore the exchange server with the use of "eseutil.exe" in disaster recovery mode. Now i install another exchange server in another member server. but i unable to move mailbox from first server to another server.

    thanks and regards
    Chaitanya P

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    Re: Exchange server 2003 moving mailbox problem

    You need to start from the beginning and give us much more information.
    Was this server DC, was it the only DC, how did you recover the server etc etc
    You don't even give us the error messages. If you would like some help at least make an effort with your question.

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