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Cant send email to the internet from outlook2003

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  • Cant send email to the internet from outlook2003

    I have setup Exchange2003 and now my users can receive internet emails, but they cant send mails back to any user in the internet. Let me recreate it to you. If you send an email from your yahoo account to a user like [email protected], the user at will receive it, but when that user replys back to the email, the email never gets back to whoever sends the email. Before this Exchange migration, they were using a web based system hosted by an ISP company. but the funny thing is if you logs into the based system and sends an email, the email gets out and reach its destination. All the MX records are setup correctly. Please help out.

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    Some questions:

    1. Do the failed messages bouce back or do they just disappear?

    2. Have you used the Exchange System Manager message tracking tool to see where the messages are being dropped?

    3. Can you send messages to internal users? Is the problem restricted to outside addresses?

    4. Do you have virus scanning software in place that scannes all incoming and outgoing smtp traffic?


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      I'd also double check with your ISP that the MX records for your domain are pointing to the correct IP Address.

      Do an email test @ to find out.
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        I'd also check that your ISP isn't blocking outbound port 25 for some reason.


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          Had this same problem If you are running Symantec AntiVirus disable the SMTP scanning options.


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            Was just told about a similar problem where the fix was to update their A/V software. The fix did work and they were running Norton.
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