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Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?

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  • Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?


    We're having some issues with Exclaimer. Sometimes, signatures just don't append to the emails. We have to reboot the server to solve the problem. We've tried to contact the support, but it's not the place to discuss about this here.

    I just wanted to know if people ever used Exclaimer to assign email signatures automatically and if it's worthy investing in new versions. Are there alternatives to Exclaimer ?

    A plan to upgrade to Exchange 2007 Enterprise is on the go, are there functionnalities in Exchange 2007 Enterprise that could replace Exclaimer and if not, are there solutions to replace Exclaimer ?

    Opinions/ideas greatly appreciated !

    Best regards,


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    Re: Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?

    Exchange 2007 allows "standard" disclaimers through transport rules, but you will lose any customisation e.g. individual names and contact details.

    I like PolicyPatrol but others will jump in with their favourites.
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      Re: Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?

      I have been using Exclaimer for many years, on many different clients without any issues. It is the only product of its type that I recommend.

      If you are seeing problems then you need to ensure that you are using the latest version, and that you do not have something else interfering with the SMTP traffic. Antivirus for example can cause problems which stop things like Exclaimer from working correctly. I have also seen issues caused by CRM products sending the email in a way that wasn't quite standard.

      The rules in Exchange 2007 are very basic and will apply the same thing to everything. I have continued to use exclaimer with Exchange 2007 with great success. You need a new version for Exchange 2007 support, and due to the change in the architecture you may find that problems you have go away.

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        Re: Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?

        Sophos PureMessage allows HTML and Text based disclaimers.
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          Re: Exclaimer for Exchange 2003 worthy ? Alternatives ?

          McAfee Groupshield allowed text I believe plus you could use something like MessageLabs who can also append something.
          Personally, as Sembee has significant experience in the area I would go with his suggestion, especially as you have prior knowledge of its configuration.

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