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Exch 2003 IMF DNS Blocklist affecting RPC/HTTP users?

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  • Exch 2003 IMF DNS Blocklist affecting RPC/HTTP users?

    This can't be right, surely? But one of my users is having some of her mails bounced by the SBS 2003 server, due to our dns blocklist configuration (IMF connection filtering, applied to the SMTP VS). She is working remotely via RPC/HTTPS.

    The connection filtering should only be affecting SMTP shouldn't it, not people sending mails through the Exchange server via MAPI (Outlook 2003), even though they are remote and their IP address probably is in (after all, it's an end-user IP and should be within the dial-up user list/dynamic-ip list.)

    When I look at headers of messages she has sent me (forwarding NDR to me), I don't see her home IP address in the headers, which seems fine, so why would the IMF connection filter be blocking her?

    Any ideas what might be happening?

    I suspect she might be sending through her account, but she says not. I've just asked her to verify the sent items.

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    Re: Exch 2003 IMF DNS Blocklist affecting RPC/HTTP users?

    Ah, nevermind

    She hasn't come back to me, but I just checked her sent items via OWA, and these were messages that she had forwarded. Those messages came in via her account, and you guessed it.. they went out via that account too.

    I guess was listing for that day..