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  • Scheduling Meeting Room!!!

    Hi All,

    A user was trying to set up a meeting in December, but was not able to obtain the information about if expected peoples and meeting rooms are available or not. This works till November, but from December and onward this information about their availability is not available.
    The user has already scheduled a meeting for Dec 2 with many people involved but is not able to send it including meeting room as none of meeting rooms are not accepting it  and this is not because they are occupied.

    Software: Exchange 2003 with latest SP and Patches, Outlook 2003, No PST is configured on the client side.

    Steps I've taken: Raied the Free/Busy Duration to 4 months.

    Please could someone assist me?

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    Re: Scheduling Meeting Room!!!

    Does this only affect certain users? Does this only affect certain computers? Does this only affect certain users using certain computers? Is Outlook running the latest SP?
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