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Problems with free/busy information

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  • Problems with free/busy information

    Hi, I am trying to schedule a meeting request in one of my Conference room mailboxes. When I checked the free/busy status of that conf room mailbox. It is free for the time I am looking for. But when I actually sent the request, it got rejected by the person saying that "slot is already occupied". I again verified the free/busy information of that conf room mailbox from my is still showing free. But when I checked in the Conf room mailbox directly, calendar is showing some bookings. These booking are not visible when I verified from mail box.

    There seems to be some issue with conf room mailbox free/busy information. Looks like it is not uploading its data properly to the server or some other problem.

    Can you some suggest a course of action for this?


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    Re: Problems with free/busy information

    How is your org setup? What replicas do you have of free/busy / public folders etc. Any replication errors in the logs etc.

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      Re: Problems with free/busy information

      If the account isn't publishing free/busy information correctly then I would suggest that it is reset.

      You will need to configure an Outlook client with the room as the default account in the profile. Once done, close Outlook completely.

      Click Start, Run and type

      outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy

      and press enter.
      That will reset the free/busy information.

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