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Exchange 2003 w/Disaster Recovery mode

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  • Exchange 2003 w/Disaster Recovery mode

    I have a very stupid question, so please forgive my ignorance.

    I need to install Exchange in Disaster Recovery mode.

    1) Do I install Exchange as I would normally would, then run the Disaster REcovery mode? "\setup\i386\setup.exe /disasterrecovery"?

    2) Or, can I install Exchange using the Disaster REcovery mode switch? If I do this, I get an error that "a server object for this server must exist in AD in order to recover this server. If you are attempting to install this server please run setup without the "DisasterRecovery" switch".

    This is in my test lab, and this server will be used as a failure node for the Veritas Clustering solution.

    I already have Exchange nodes configured and in a cluster, but this system will be the failure node.

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 w/Disaster Recovery mode

    you need to reset the exchange server account in AD before you join the DR server (with the same name) to the domain.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 w/Disaster Recovery mode

      sorry I just reread this, are you saying that exchange hasn't been installed at all in the test domain?
      The DR switch is for use when you have had exchange running.It will look to the AD to get the exchange organisation settings.


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        Re: Exchange 2003 w/Disaster Recovery mode

        To use DR, there has to have been an Exchange server there before.
        If this is a test domain, unless it is a copy of the production domain then you cannot use DR.

        So you could install Exchange in the usual way, so that the domain is populated with information. Then drop that machine and do the DR install.

        Don't Veritas/Symantec have instructions on how to setup a failure node?

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