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Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

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  • Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

    Hello all!

    I need some help... I am trying to build secured and reliable Exchange system. In Virtual machine I am trying to simulate this Exchange System...

    I have two domain controllers. Two Exchange 2003 servers (on those Domain Controllers).

    First I installed Exchange on one Domain Controller and then I installed Exchange on second domain controller.

    So... Can I ask... What is the best way if one Exchange serverd (Domain Controllers) fails, stops... Can I make something like Cluster with two domain controllers and Two Exchange 2003 servers...

    Thanks in advance...
    Best regards to all!

    Ivo Vachkov

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    Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

    The best practice is not to have exchange on a domain controller at all.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

      Basically no.
      Don't install Exchange on a domain controller, setup min of 2 DC, cluster the backend server, nlb the front end servers. Total =6 VM for a "as good as you can get" test (assuming you can setup and get those things working).

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        Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

        Thanks for quick answers!

        I know that it is not a good idea to install Exchange on Domain Controller...

        But in real life I have only two Proliant Servers! How to make Reliable Exchange System with two Proliant Servers?

        I must to make Exchange system for about 200 users. And those users will work with POP3 and SMTP only...

        With two Proliant Servers...

        Best Regards!

        Ivo Vachkov


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          Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

          Maybe look at Small Business Server.


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            Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

            SBS has a max of 75 authorized nodes IIRC.
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              Re: Exchange 2003 - Reliable system

              200 users with POP3/SMTP ?

              Take Exchange CD, find the nearest bin.
              Deposit said CD in the bin.

              Install IIS with the POP3 and SMTP functionality.


              Purchase something else, such as SmarterMail, or use an open source product.

              Using Exchange for POP3/SMTP only is like buying a 48 tonne truck to go shopping for the weekly groceries or using a bus to take your kid to school.

              If you install Exchange on to a domain controller then the other machine will not be used by Exchange at all. Exchange will only use the server it is installed on, if it is a domain controller.

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