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    I have an exchange server 2000.
    Every few months we want to do an auto reboot.
    I created a reboot script and used the scheduled task to perfrom it.
    All servers except exchange server.
    So i went to systeminterals and got another script and that too doesnt work. The system log doesnt show restart however the "schedule taks" shows it was last run with a date.

    How do you guys do automated reboots?


    --------------------script for windows 2000 as exchange -----------------


    ECHO Restarting
    shutdown -r -t 05
    echo "Shutdown at" %date% %time% >> reboot.log

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    try stop all exchange services first, then reboot.

    failing that output the shutdown command to reboot.log as well, this may give you some insight. You could also just get some downtime and manually do the reboot from the command line to give you an idea of where it's failing.

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      The manual reboot works as always.
      But the script that is put into place for auto reboot fails.
      And the reboot.log claims its done. when I check the eventlog there is nothing in there to show that an auto reboot was done.

      anyonne got an autoreboot script that works on a exchange 2000?



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        Stopping the System Attendant before initiating the shutdown might be worth a try. An NT4 system running Exchange 5.5 I knew would take about 15 minutes to shutdown. If the System Attendant service was manually stopped, the shutdown was reduced to less than 2 minutes.

        Using the NET STOP command in the script should work. Do a manual stop on the service and time it. That time (and a fiddle factor) then need to be included with the -t switch.
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