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  • pop3 connector

    Ok, here's my next problem

    in system manager you have the option to set up a pop3 connector.

    Done this, it works.

    Now the minimum default time you can set it to connect to the net and download it's message is 15 minutes.

    Now i'm wondering if there is an option to set this limit to a different one than the default 15 minutes, lets say 5 minutes?

    How can this be changes?

    That is if it can be changed at all.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Can't be done. Most ISP's frown upon checking less than 15 min intervals anyway.

    If you want insta-mail then you need to use SMTP.

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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      Better POP3 Connector

      Dear js_valencia

      I had the same disappointment with the built in POP3 connector scheduling. I also got duplicated messages when more than one of my colleagues was in the To: or cc: fields.

      As a small company with a few users, collecting mail more frequently than every 15 minutes entirely acceptable - we do it every 3 mins. Also I like a POP3 method as our ISP filters spam for free.

      Anyway I suggest you buy and install PopCON ( It runs as a service and will restart every time your server restarts. It is cheap and does a great job.

      It is disappointing to buy a major piece of software which supposedly does everything and then have to buy more to give you the functionality you want, but I'm so glad I did.

      Hope this helps


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        Re: pop3 connector

        Is there no registry hack , or patch for the pop3.dll file ?