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  • Storage Limit Problem

    Greetings all!

    I need help with an Exchange 2003 storage limit issue. Clients are running outlook 2007. On the server the storage limits are set to:
    Issue warning at 92MB
    Prohibit send recieve at 102MB
    Prohibit send recieve, not configured

    Yesterday I had three users with large mailboxes that were unable to send or recieve to the outside world, internal mail worked fine. These users had storage limits set in AD users and computers to Issue warning at 500MB prohibit send at 550MB and prohibit send recieve was not configured. The user I was working on had a mialbox size of 299MB, well below the exceptions configured in AD.
    The outside senders would not recieve any bounce back messages and I was unable to find the messages using the Message tracking utility. It like the messages dissappeared. However when I removed the Prohibit send check box on the server they were able to send and recieve to the outside world. I would like to re-enable the prohibit send setting. It seems as if the exceptions in AD are not taking affect. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Storage Limit Problem

    Simple rule - most restrictive wins.
    If you always operate to those practises then you will not have any problems. Restrict down, don't open up. Global settings are the highest, then SG. If you need users to have a smaller limit than on the SG then set it on each account using (download from the same URL).

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