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2 Exchange 2003 servers in a Domain

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  • 2 Exchange 2003 servers in a Domain

    We have an environment wherein we have 2 exchange 2003 servers. First exchange server accesses the AD in the Domain Controller. The second exchange server is in a VM Ware and accesses a copy of AD in a VM Ware.

    We have a component which is installed on second exchange server which is on VM Ware, the problem we are facing now is that our component is not able to access the Global Address List and also the users within.

    Can anyone please help me out on this issue as this is becoming more critical day by day?

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    Re: 2 Exchange 2003 servers in a Domain

    What is a "component"?
    Which DC/GCs show in the directory access tab for these servers?
    Do they work and can you access them correctly?
    What errors do you have in the logs?
    Is Exchange installed on a domain controller for either instance?

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      Re: 2 Exchange 2003 servers in a Domain

      Its a VC++ executable which tries to login to Exchange and then try access the GAL.

      What are DC/GCs?

      No the Exchange is installed of other server than the Domain Controller.

      Have you faced the same kind of the problem before?