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Exchange 2003 SP2 Eventid 1110

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  • Exchange 2003 SP2 Eventid 1110

    Hello forums, i keep getting this error multiple times once per hour
    Ereignistyp:    Fehler  
    Ereignisquelle:    MSExchangeIS Public Store  
    Ereigniskategorie:    Allgemein  
    Ereigniskennung:    1110 
    Datum:        14.10.2008 
    Zeit:        09:49:28 
    Benutzer:        Nicht zutreffend 
    Computer:    SEVCOM 
    Beschreibung: Fehler 0x0 beim Schreiben der benutzerspezifischen Informationen für [email protected]******.de für Datenbank "Erste Speichergruppe\Informationsspeicher für Öffentliche Ordner (SEVCOM)".   
    Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter
    Which basically means error writing user specific information for Administrator to first storeage group\public folder store.
    I had this about a month ago and it dissapeared after a reboot, but now it´s back again and im quite curious about where this comes from and how to fix ist. i found some people on the net posting the same error message but nothing how to fix it other than some mentioning a reboot did the trick. microsoft is also not much help: Does anyone now something about this error? Thanks
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    Re: Exchange 2003 SP2 Eventid 1110

    Do you have the standard logging or have you changed it?
    Does the ExBPA run ok?
    Any changes/gpo that affect the administrator and his rights?

    Wrong version of Exchange but it may be relevant

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      Re: Exchange 2003 SP2 Eventid 1110


      yes i have standard logging, nothing extra. I think i didn´t mess with the atributes of the administrator and ExBpa runs ok.
      I think i read the post last time i had these errors and
      my problem is, that i don´t know if i can delete the administrators mailbox without
      getting other trouble with the exchange system. The other thing is, if there is something messed up, why did a reboot fix it for over a month...