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    Dear all,

    we would like to move our current exchange server from existing hardware ( standalone server ) to the new hardware - 2 node cluster. We have some groupware build on top of the Exchange and thats why we need to keep same name of the Exchange 2003 virtual server.
    If I understand correctly to move to the new - single server is posible - during Exchange installation the setup.exe is invoked with /DisasterRecovery switch. How about in cluster environmet ? I reed some note from MS that this might be inpredictable....

    I need to know if this setup is possible, if there is some way, or we have to use new name for the new exchange 2003 cluster and migrate mailboxes ?

    best regards


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    Re: > Move from standalone server to cluster

    Is the application that you are using cluster aware/compatible. That is the first question. If it has been so poorly designed that it cannot cope with a change of the machine name, then there is a good chance that it is not cluster aware.
    Another option might be to leave the existing server alone and move all the mailboxes to the cluster. Again that is something that you need to ask the application that is causing the problems.

    To put it simply, if you have an application that is causing problems then you have to speak to their support and follow their advice. The standard advice that you would get from most Exchange experts would not involve the use of the DR switch (very high risk) and would mean a conventional swing migration.
    Another option would be a full swing, where the data is moved to a temporary system with a new name, so that the existing system can be removed correctly and then the cluster system rebuilt to use that name.

    However, this third party application unfortunately has to drive things, unless they are more flexible than your message indicates.

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